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Imagine going back to a few years ago for a moment, to the first day of work, maybe just fresh from studies. Think of that mix of light vibrations of fear, curiosity of unknown horizons that were about to unfold, of thirst of all those new and unknown experiences until then, of the will of the first company dinner toast, full enthusiasm that was typical of every start of a new project .

Here it is.

Now back to today, to the here and now. Sit down for a moment on the summit of that mountain made by thousand experiences, from the face of the thousands of people you worked with, colleagues, customers, suppliers, from the thousand innovations that you have triggered or contributed to trigger. That mountain is your personal heritage of all those skills of yours that have made it happen.

Over 35 does just that: reactivates enthusiasm, desire and determination, relieves emotional tiredness, removes behavioural weights, to return to your personal experiential heritage the successes it deserves, and provide you with practical tools to enrich your professionalism.

Vincenzo Abatematteo,

Cavalieri Retail Project Leader “Over 35”