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Data controller

Cavalieri Retailing S.r.l.

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Personal data or essentially identifying data that is directly referred to customers or to the other concerned parties (such as collaborators, employees, contacts, etc.) that has been collected by Cavalieri Retailing S.r.l., will be used for the following aims:

to carry out the pre-contractual business activities (sending sales information or quotations, management of sales negotiations, etc.), contractual ones (execution of the contract, order acquisition, DDT, invoices, accounting, etc.) and to guarantee the provision of services defined in the contract.

Obligation to provide data

The provision of data is mandatory for everything concerning the execution of contractual, administrative and legal obligations relating to the supply agreement. Any refusal to provide it, or its revocation, will make it impossible for the company to execute the contract terms and perform all the necessary requirements.

Data Management

Data management is dealt with by our staff in charge both on paper and with the aid of management software and electronic tools for storing, managing and transmitting the data. All operations are carried out in compliance with the provisions concerning the processing and protection of personal data and the information security policy of Cavalieri Retailing S.r.l.

Storage Period

The data retention period is linked to the execution of the contractual agreement, beyond which the data will be stored for the time necessary to accomplish the administrative, accounting and fiscal purposes related to the business relationship established and descendants from the obligations provided by law, however within the prescribed time limits for the rights and obligations under data management. The contact details provided by the customer will be stored to allow Cavalieri Retailing S.r.l. to propose further products similar to those already supplied.

Categories of Data Subjects and Processed Data

Customers: identification data of the legal entity for the management and execution of the contract.

Collaborators, employees and customers: the only identifying data essential for the execution of the contract agreement.

Recipients’ categories

Administration and Sales offices, commercial and tax-related consultancy.

Legal basis

Data processing is necessary for the execution and performance of the business relationship of supply of goods and services by the Controller, as well as for the compliance with the related administrative and legal obligations.

Communication to third parties

Compliance with legal or contractual obligations

Commercial and tax-related consultancy
Our own sales representatives

Consultants and third parties of which our Company may avail itself in the fulfilment of the contract

The list of subjects, updated from time to time, is available at Cavalieri Retailing S.r.l.

Automated decision-making processes and profiling

No automated decision-making or first-party profiling is taken into consideration.

Non-EU transfer

There are no transfers of personal data outside the EU.

Rights of concerned party

The concerned party has the possibility to assert the following rights at any time:

  • The right to acknowledge and edit the data being processed
  • The right to limit or revoke the data processing or cancel data that lead to impossibility to continue with the contract terms
  • The right to the portability of data in a structured format, commonly used and readable by automatic device
  • The right to make a complaint with the Guarantor with the specific forms available on the latter’s website at http://www.garanteprivacy.it/