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What is people engagement?


The level of engagement of the company staff team is a fundamental element for companies, which is able to significantly influence trends and productivity.

Engagement consists in feeling as an essential part of a team, having clear objectives and receiving regular and constructive work feedback.

Every company should focus on several elements, such as transparency and internal communication, seeking a direct and constructive debate with its employees.


Why is it important to motivate employees?


You need to invest in your team to develop the bond and interaction they have with the company, by giving them the right tools to work and deal with any problematic situations professionally.



A research carried out by the Smart Working Observatory of the Polytechnic of Milan in 2016 highlights how organizations, that try to improve the level of involvement of their employees, have an increase in productivity ranging from 15% to 20%.



According to a study by PwC (2016) employees of companies that have, developed people-engagement activities put 57% more effort into their activities than others and are 87% less inclined to resign.



From the 2018 report carried out by the Welfare Index PMI, 63.5% of Italian companies confirm that they have obtained a productive increase following the application of welfare practices.

How to apply engagement to your team


Training, organizational models and incentive systems are important incentives, which are able to develop a sense of belonging to the company and motivation of the team.

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Staff Training

Training is a fundamental tool to keep pace with changes and remain competitive. Both cross-sectional skills and expertise, in fact, must continuously be “cultivated” and improved.

Soft skills, cross-sectional skills refer to skills of general nature but still important in the workplace because they relate to the effective organization of one’s work, problem solving, reliability and team working.

Technical skills, on the other hand, refer to a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills necessary to carry out specific activities in a given profession.

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Organizational models are also important pillars in a company because they allow you to share, coordinate and optimize work.

Delegating and assigning responsibilities to employees is an effective way to increase their motivation.

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Rewarding schemes allow to align team behaviour: in fact, in many cases the use of these incentives determines the engagement and efficiency of people.

In line with the incentive schemes, also business challenges can be considered fundamental incentives to be used when we talk about people engagement. They can establish healthy competition in the corporate network, generating the desire to outdo themselves more and more.

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