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what is Customer Engagement?


Customer Engagement creates deep connections with the customers and can steer the interactions and purchase decisions over time.

Knowing your target audience in depth means knowing how to anticipate behaviours, desires and expectations in order to plan tailor-made and effective strategies.


Why Customer Engagement?


One of our customers in mass distribution, has reached + 4% in turnover and + 6% in the value of an average receipt throughout a year (delta 2018 towards 2017).

According to the research conducted by the Digital Innovation Observatory in Retail of the Polytechnic of Milan (2018):


of retailers want to increase their investment in digital in-store innovations, in continuity with the past and with constant visitor involvement compared to previous years.


of retailers want to invest in sales force automation systems or online selling systems at point of sale and advanced cash and mobile POS systems


of retailers want to increase their investment in accepting couponing and loyalty.



Knowing how to involve customers determines the success of one’s own business and the development of customers’ loyalty.

The relationship between consumer and brand can be seen as a path, a “journey”, during which the customer must always be involved and stimulated to build a solid and lasting relationship with it.

Desire is the element that starts the “journey”, whereas the purchase, or the desire being met, is the final phase of the Customer Journey.

The Customer Journey is therefore intended as a path made up of several stages, in which it is essential to know the customers in order to offer the best Customer Experience.

Customer Satisfaction is the full satisfaction of the customer, his needs and his expectations. Satisfaction is a strong feeling and the right incentive on which to work in order to realize customer loyalty.

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