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Ritmo Shoes is an Italian company operating for 50 years in the distribution of multi-brand footwear and is present mainly in Lombardy, focusing most of its stores in the province of Milan. At first, it focused on positioning its stores in large premises but at the beginning of the 2000s, seizing the advantages that big shopping centres can offer, it decided to invest in new smaller but strategic locations. An important step was made two years ago, with the opening of a store in the shopping centre of Arese, famous for its high number of visits and the presence of 200 stores. A spearhead with a high potential to exploit.

That is why, Ritmo Shoes, now in its second generation of entrepreneurs, has decided to transform the Arese store, considering it as an experimental laboratory in which to try to implement changes. Changes that could be adopted by reflection also in other stores and on brand identity. This is where we start our collaboration with Ritmo Shoes and accompany them along this new path of change and innovation. The levers to move are many and must be done synchronously. The Arese sales point gives us the opportunity to test various aspects, combining more elements. Focusing on visual is a first step for a fair renewal. After the first meetings and inspections in the store, in a short time, we decided to start with a first rearrangement of the storefront: the goal is to tell a story, using products and accessories to create a perfect union that communicates a clear message to the customer, making him immediately grasp the brand’s target with his philosophy. A change of course has also been adopted on the social networks where work is being carried out on relocation of the market and construction of a new image with publications more inclined to reach the users belonging to the new target audience.

Staff plays a fundamental role in this environment, especially when the customer asks for information or decides to try an item, feeling free to enter and freely evaluate all the items on display. In this way, interacting with the buyer at key moments becomes a real benefit for the brand, able to know how to steer and discreetly advise the customer who has entrusted him with. Ritmo Shoes is therefore a careful reality, aware of the current market, the future and eager to get involved, to experiment, and to be able to constantly improve. We are happy and excited to be able to accompany them along the new path they have decided to undertake!