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The countdown has begun for the unmissable meeting Retail Project: experience 4.0 for the retail store“, entirely reserved for Retail and the store evolution, which will be held in the Big Buyer 2018 Auditorium on Thursday 22 November at 2.00 pm.

The conference will be across the board for Industry and Distribution Operators and will focus on the results of an exclusive survey for Big Buyers, in addition to all the new dynamics of Stationery, & Office (and other) businesses.

The chairman of the event, Davide Cavalieri, Founder and Worldwide General Manager of Cavalieri Retail, will better explain the topics covered: “We will highlight the radical evolution of the consumer role and what are the opportunities to be seized in this highly competitive context. We will talk about how the Internet has revolutionized the distribution paradigms, imposing a new concept of Retail, in which the multiplicity of communication and sales channels is strongly influenced by digitization. The different phases of the sales process will then be analysed to understand how to innovate by reviewing new attractive and performing offer models”.

The meeting will therefore range from current affairs to operational marketing, the presentation of integrated distribution formats, thanks to the authoritative contributions of the leading retailers Moleskine, THUN, Zodio and Feltrinelli. Here are some anticipations:

Luca Dalla Serra Sales Director of THUN: “The meeting point between digital and in-store sales is now a must: this is the only way to make every moment of meeting with the client relevant, in order to increase loyalty and improve conversion. Today the consumer expects to find strong brand identity and the same shopping experience in each channel, consistent with the values ​​and brand image “.

Sabina Miani, Feltrinelli Format Strategy Manager: “For a customer, it is no longer the product that is differential (very often it is not even bought at the sales point anymore), but the environment in which one enters and what the customer experiences. Customer experience is a very used term but what makes the difference is how concrete you can be in defining it “.

The appointment is in a few days at Big Buyer 2018 to deepen all the other aspects of Retail of the future and to discover some interesting case histories that the Trade can draw to create impact formats and the latest generation!